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Choosing your wedding flowers

If you are just starting to think about what type of flowers you want in your wedding, the choices may seem endless, but when it comes down to it, there are really only 4 factors to consider.

1. Flower color
If you have your wedding colors in your mind first, it greatly narrows down your selection of flower choices. Some tips that we consider important:

- Look to the seasons in selecting your wedding flower palate. Reds and oranges are a sure bet for fall and pinks and pastels are popular for summer weddings.

- Don't worry too much about having ivory flowers with a white dress or white flowers with an offwhite dress etc...Each flower has its own particular blend of white tones anyway so it tends not to matter.

- It's so tempting to fall into the trap, but forget about trying to match

the exact color of the bridesmaids dresses to the color of their flowers. The color of one single flower will vary from season to season, in different lighting, even under different temperatures. Red flowers will of course stay red flowers, but expecting the multi-layered hue of a flower to be exactly the same as the flatter color of a dress is a losing battle.

2. Flower size
If you have an image in your mind of 5 foot, stately, towering centerpieces, mini calla lilies won't be the way to go. Similarly, if you like the low, fishbowl effect, hydrangeas or roses would be a better choice than glads.
Also your flower budget will play a role. If you are aiming to create a look of a flower wonderland with masses of abundant blooms, choose a larger flower that is less expensive per stem to make your floral budget go further.

3. Flower type
This is the fun part. And if you chose the color and the height first, you may have already narrowed your choices down somewhat. Whether it was the flowers that grew in your garden as a child or the first bouquet that your fiance gave to you, most people have a flower of significance in their lives. Hopefully it grows in the colors you chose for your wedding! Take a look around - gardens, wedding magazines, hotel lobbies. Save the ideas you like and take a look at what you have accumulated to search for a common denominator.

4. To mix or not to mix
We saved the most difficult choice for last. Floral design trends have been revamped lately to make pretty much every flower pairing that you can think of game. Color combinations have also expanded and range from understated pairings of same color different shade bouquets to bold statements of eggplant and yellow arrangements. Again, if you don't already have an idea fixed in your mind, browsing is key. For more ideas, take a look around and visit the product pages, the wedding testimonials and gallery to see what catches your attention.


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