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In their golden age, fresh tulip flowers were once more prized than precious gemstones. Today, tulips may have decreased in price, but they haven't lost their beauty or popularity. Fresh, pink tulips bring elegance and cheerfulness to wedding bouquets and vase florals, bursting with freshness and joy. Colors are bold yet classic, bloom lines are clean yet entrancing. Make a statement with wholesale tulip flowers in your wedding.


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50 Pink Wholesale Tulips $96
100 Pink Wholesale Tulips $185
200 Pink Wholesale Tulips $309
300 Pink Wholesale Tulips $435
400 Pink Wholesale Tulips $550
600 Pink Wholesale Tulips $750

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How to care for your wholesale pink tulips:  Upon receiving your tulip flowers, inspect all flowers, take them out of the box and remove all packaging and water tubes if present. Hold the ends of the stems underwater and trim them diagonally at least ¼ inch from the ends using a sharp knife. Place your tulip flowers immediately in clean vases or containers with lots of fresh water. Keep the flowers in a dim location, away from direct sunlight, draughts or excessive heat. To maximize vase life, re-cut the stems and change the water in the vases every day using the above steps. TIP: Tulip stems have a natural bend. To encourage straighter stems, leave the sleeve on the flowers for 8-12 hours to provide support to the stems while the flowers rehydrate. Tulip heads also naturally bend to follow the light, so make sure that their light source is directly overhead.

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