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Yellow sunflowers are the epitome of joy and cheer, their large, bright heads evoking an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. Deep yellow fluttering petals frame large, golden yellow centers accented with fresh green hues. Stems are tall and sturdy, proudly supporting each stunning, yellow flower head. Sunflowers are most at home in an informal wedding, their charm and simplicity beautifying an already joyous occasion. They make great accent flowers in mixed flower centerpieces alongside other brightly colored blooms. Bundle several stems together for an orchard-fresh arm-held bouquet or combine with an assortment of wildflowers for a charming wedding bouquet.


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Sunflower care: Upon receiving your sunflowers, inspect all flowers, take them out of the box and remove all packaging. It is normal for them to look tired after their long journey. Hold the ends of the stems underwater and trim them diagonally at least ¼ inch from the ends using a sharp knife. Place the sunflowers immediately in clean vases or containers with lots of fresh water (they are very thirsty!). Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts. To maximize vase life, re-cut the stems and change the water in the vases every day using the above steps. TIP: Sunflowers are shipped in partial bud form. Petals will open up to light and warmth. Sunflowers have naturally arched necks so they look best in tall vase arrangements.

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