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Beautiful lavender fresh rose petals add romance to any location. Imagine walking down an aisle strewn with lush, fresh rose petals! Allow the flower girl to sprinkle rose petals in preparation for the bride’s entry. Hand out rose petals to honored guests to toss over that first hand-in-hand walk as husband and wife. Scatter fresh petals over the wedding cake or over reception tables to make the entire room feel as if it is in full bloom. Soft, natural and freshly fragrant, our rose petals will make the finishing touch to your wedding flowers. Please note that all orders for fresh rose petals must be placed at least 10 days prior to your desired delivery date.


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When you receive your rose petals, they will be packaged in plastic bags. To control moisture, open each bag on one end and insert absorbant paper towels between the bag and the rose petals, one below the petals and one above the petals. This will help catch any condensation that may form on the petals. We recommend storing your rose petals in a refrigerator, but placed in a location away from fruits, vegetables, frost or extra-cold spots.  After you place your rose petals in the refrigerator, please check on them regularly. If the rose petals look like they are drying out, remove them from the refrigerator and store them in a cool spot out of sunlight and away from heat (such as in a basement or garage) in the box that they arrived in. TIP: Do you know how many rose petals will you need? Calculate how many square feet you need to cover (length x width) and divide the number of rose petals (for example 6,000 petals) by the area you desire to cover. This will give you the number of rose petals you can use per square foot.  If you would like a heavier coverage, re-calculate using the next larger rose petal package.  We provide you with these guidelines for calculating rose petal coverage as flower petal coverage varies from customer to customer.

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