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Oriental lily Stargazer boasts delectably fragrant, glamorous blooms in abundance. Their yellow centers blend to a striking hot pink with speckled white edges, hues sure to pop out in a wedding bouquet or lend a dazzling burst of color to a wedding centerpiece. Flowers as stunning as you will feel on your wedding day!



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40 Oriental Stargazer Lilies Hot Pink Lily $189
80 Oriental Stargazer Lilies Hot Pink Lily $279

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How to care for Oriental Lilies:  Upon arrival remove all packaging and cut stems diagonally approx 1 inch from the end under running water with a sharp knife. Remove all leaves that will fall below the water line. Immediately place all lilies in a container with fresh, lukewarm water and add floral preservative. It is normal for flowers to appear sleepy or thirsty upon arrival and they need 24hrs to re-hydrate after their journey. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts, excessive heat. Re-cut stems and refresh water every 1-2 days to help your lily flowers live long and beautifully.   Opening of oriental lily flower buds: After the lilies have been in water for 24hrs and you are ready for them to open, roll each bloom between your hands, applying light pressure to the bud. Stop rolling the moment that you see the tip of the flower begin to open and allow the rest to blossom naturally. Sunlight, warm water and warmer temperatures also speed flower opening.   IMPORTANT: As the flower is opening, it is important to gently pull off the anthers (end part) from the stalk to prevent pollen from forming. The pollen of oriental lilies will stain everything it touches, including hands, petals and dresses. If pollen comes into contact with clothing, remove with sticky tape or a pipe cleaner.

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