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Our blue lavender Hydrangea flowers are dreamy masses of perfectly formed lavender blue petals surrounded by dark green framing leaves. They stand tall and sturdy with large flower heads on long woody stems, able to command attention in tall wedding centerpieces or to be trimmed down to form lush and full bouquets. Perhaps the easiest flower to arrange, beautiful blue lavender hydrangeas add a touch of romance and a subtle hint of color to wedding flower centerpieces and bouquets.


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25 Blue Lavender Hydrangeas (19 inches tall) $199
30 Blue Lavender Hydrangeas (14 inches tall) $185

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Care of Blue Lavender Hydrangeas flowers Upon arrival remove all packaging and cut stems diagonally approx 1 inch from the end under running water with a sharp knife. (Hydrangea flower stems are woody so make sure your blade is up to the job!). You may cut slits or fray the ends of the stems also to allow the flowers to take up as much water as possible. After cutting, place the ends of the stems immediately in warm water for 5 seconds, then transfer to a clean vase filled with lots of fresh, cool water and add floral preservative. Remove any fading petals. Hydrangeas flowers are fast drinkers so remember to keep refreshing and filling the water in the vases, especially overnight. It is normal for hydrangeas to appear sleepy or thirsty upon arrival and they need 24hrs to re-hydrate after their journey. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts, excessive heat. Re-cut stems and refresh water every 1-2 days to help your hydrangeas flowers live long and beautifully.

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