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Violet/Purple anemones are striking wildflowers with boldly contrasting ruby/black centers. Their fluttery petals are multi-toned layers of lavender to violet to dark burgundy purple and even shades of blue. Anemone flowers are increasingly popular as wedding flowers and can match with either a vintage style or modern wedding. They work perfectly in bouquets, together with other types of flowers, and can also be worked into boutonnieres and corsages. Our wholesale anemone flowers are shipped directly from the grower to you!


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1 : 50 Violet Anemones (Delivery Year-Round): $149
2 : 100 Violet Anemones (Delivery Year-Round): $189
3 : 150 Violet Anemones (Delivery Dec thru April): $229
4 : 150 Violet Anemones (Delivery May thru Nov): $295
5 : 200 Violet Anemones (Delivery Dec thru April): $255
6 : 200 Violet Anemones (Delivery May thru Nov): $389
7 : 300 Violet Anemones (Delivery Dec thru April): $379
8 : 300 Violet Anemones (Delivery May thru Nov): $559
9 : 400 Violet Anemones (Delivery Dec thru April): $499
10 : 400 Violet Anemones (Delivery May thru Nov): $698

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How to care for your fresh anemone flowers: Upon arrival, open the box and check on your flowers. It is normal for anemones to appear sleepy or thirsty upon arrival. Anemones are shipped in partial bud form and flowers will be still somewhat closed on arrival. They will need 24hrs to re-hydrate after their journey. Take the flowers out of the box and remove all packaging. Hold the ends of the stems under running water and trim stems diagonally approx 1 inch from the end. Place your anemones in a clean vase with fresh water from the faucet. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts, and excessive heat. Re-cut stems and refresh water every 1-2 days to help your anemone flowers live long and beautifully.  

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